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Uckfield Yoga Studio Testimionials

We welcome feedback from our community

Receiving testimonials helps us to understand both what keeps you coming back to Uckfield Yoga Studio and also the ways we can improve things in the future! We welcome feedback from anyone who has attended our classes.

Carol – Qi Gong

Since starting Qigong in February this year I have found it keeps my mind and body flexible and strong.  This has been a godsend in the year of Covid when keeping healthy both mentally and physically is the number one priority.  I would recommend this to everyone, all ages, and of all abilities.  

Jess Neville

Uckfield Yoga Studio is such a safe and welcoming space. Grace’s wonderful classes are suited to all abilities. Grace teaches you to understand the philosophy and terminology of yoga, as well as how to reach a peaceful state inside. Her yoga classes give you a sense of community, calm and belonging. I would (and do!)recommend them to everyone!

Peter Charles

They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks!! after 17 years of yoga with Grace I am testament to the fact this is not true, go for it you won't regreat it. PA old yoga dog


I have attended a range of classes at Uckfield studio and they have all been great. I particularly enjoy the variety available from the blissful yoga nidra to the very blissful and accessible everyday sessions to the creative and thought provoking sessions with Jaz (Black sheep yoga). It’s a really unique studio and I love going whenever I can.

Jill Owens

Having done yoga before and being in my late 60’s I know how important it is to keep flexible and have been going to Grace’s class for about 18 months now. The classes are always well thought out – no week is the same. All abilities are made to feel welcome which makes for a very friendly atmosphere. Definitely the best yoga teacher I have ever had. –  Jill

Judith Bogaardt

Grace offers weekly yoga classes and takes care to introduce new poses regularly, whilst also revisiting previously taught ones on a regular basis. I like to go several times a week, and it’s refreshing to find that even within the same week classes are never exactly the same. There is time and space for individual progress. Another lovely aspect is that Grace attempts to get to know everybody personally: it makes for very friendly classes.

Dee Lawrence

It’s wonderful, everyone should practice! I have been one of Grace’s students for 2 years now and my strength and flexibility have improved enormously, also my peace of mind, my breathing, my posture. Grace is a brilliant teacher, her classes are for all, no matter what age or experience – it just doesn’t matter. Highly recommended! Thank you Grace! Dee 

Sue Edwards

Having been to several yoga classes over the years, Grace’s is the best. She adds new postures and focus every week, much better than the same routine, which brings new and interesting challenges. I am sure that since attending her class my back feels stronger and I always feel better for going.

Karen Smith

Grace is my favourite yoga teacher. Her classes are challenging yet gentle, and focus on the balance and relaxation of the mind as well as the body. With her guidance, the breathing techniques and poses are easy to follow and you can use them when you need to in everyday life. I like how Grace introduces new poses and themes every week. She is friendly and encouraging and gives individual guidance during a class and I always come away feeling energised and calm.

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