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I’m Jaz, my brand is Black Sheep Yoga!
You can find me on Facebook.
I write exciting and accessible yoga classes that are either written to get you strong and get sweaty, or gentle and juicy.
I endeavour to find shapes and movement that make us feel good, connect with ourselves, and explore our wellbeing.

I love to include meditation and mindfulness in bite size chunks, to enhance the yoga experience and strengthen the body AND the mind.

You can count on my classes for a new way to unwind, get strong, release tension, laugh, and relax.

And I’ll take care of you all the way.
Achey bodies
Strong bodies
Weak bodies
Fit and unfit bodies
Flexible bodies
Stiff bodies
Happy bodies
Sad bodies
Anxious bodies
Busy bodies

I’ve got you x

Monday’s 19.30pm - Power Hour
Saturdays 18.00pm - Soft Things

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Soft Things, Vinyasa Flow

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weekend Uckfield Yoga Studio class
Soft Things

This teacher offers Soft Things classes. Soft Things classes are relaxing and meditative, with a revitalising middle, delightful and snuggly.

Vinyasa class at Uckfield Yoga Studio
Vinyasa Flow

This teacher offers Vinyasa flow classes. Vinyasa Flow has uses flowing postures which are linked to the breath for an intense body-mind workout.

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