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Our Pricing

Our classes are available at both drop-in prices and longer-term class pass discounts
Yoga Classes

Classes included are: ordinary yoga, gentle yoga, beginners, sunrise, simple, power, hatha, vinyasa, qi gong and tai chi.

Zoom classes are half price.

Class Passes

1 class £10

5 Class Pass:    £45 valid 3 months
10 Class Pass: £80 valid 6 months

Valid for:  Allan, Caspar, Christina, Elle, Grace, Julie, Laura, Louise, Steven , Shelly

Payment Types

We take cash, card, cheque and BACS Lloyds 30-91-91 / 31807160 business account Uckfield yoga studio

Teacher Pricing

Some of our teacher classes are priced slightly differently:

Sarah H

Online classes are priced differently, please contact Sarah for more info

Class Passes:

10 classes for £80, valid for 4 months from date of first class

5 classes for £45, valid for 2 months from date of first class


Children + Teen Yoga: £6


Post Natal Yoga: £50 for course of 7 sessions

Pregnancy + vinyasa flow: £10 drop in or £45 for 5 sessions

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