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October 2019 Newsletter

October 2019 Newsletter

Uckfield Yoga Studio October 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our October newsletter and this month it’s not all yoga, welcome to Mark.
Guest Contributor: Mark from White Crane Academy
Hi everyone,

I’m very grateful that Grace has asked me to be a guest contributor to the October newsletter, so that I can introduce myself and the classes and workshops that I am bringing to the studio over the next few weeks.

Who am I? 

For those of you who attend classes at the studio, you may have noticed posters for tai chi classes and workshops, as well as a weekly children’s kung fu class – I’m Mark – the teacher of those classes.

I’ve been teaching in the Haywards Heath area for almost 12 years now and just over 10 years ago I brought White Crane Academy into the world – and have never looked back! Myself and two other instructors teach classes across Mid and West Sussex. Uckfield is our first foray into the East!

I trained under my first instructor in Brighton and now I return to China on a regular basis to train under Masters Ping and Kim of Yangshuo Tai Chi School.

I’m passionate about passing on everything I learn and helping people remain healthy in mind and body through the arts of tai chi, kung fu, and kickboxing.

You can reach me on 07834 375776 / /

My Classes at The Studio

Tai Chi
On a weekly basis I teach a mixed level tai chi class on a Wednesday afternoon from 2-3pm.
As you would expect, we’re a friendly bunch so you don’t have to worry about never having tried tai chi previously, as everyone is very welcoming.
The class is very relaxing and grounding, tai chi has so many benefits that I don’t want to just write a long list here – it’s my aim for all students to leave the class feeling happy, inspired, balanced and calm, with a sense of having had a gentle stretch, allowing them to move more freely and efficiently – and with a renewal of energy!

Children’s Kung fu
Also on a Wednesday afternoon from 4-5pm I teach a children’s kung fu class. It’s for children of a primary school age and it runs during school term times only.
I try to balance learning the skills and disciple of kung fu, with some fast-paced-fun!
The class is a mix of warm up and stretching routines, fitness, strength, balance, techniques.

What’s Coming Up…

Kickboxing Class
Realising that it was only the children who were getting involved with the fast-paced-fun I decided to add a Friday evening kickboxing class to the WCA schedule at the studio!
I can’t think of a better way to finish a week of work and transition to the weekend than punching and kicking pads, and having a good fitness blitz!
The class will start on Friday 11th October and be from 7.15 – 8.15pm (it’s for teens and adults).
It’s a drop in class for all levels – from those with previous martial arts experience to complete beginners –  from those who exercise regularly to someone who may be considering a return to exercise, or starting for the first time!
My motto is: “it’s not where you start, it’s how you improve” and WCA is incredibly inclusive and can provide everyone in class with training that is suitable for their current level.

Fusion Workshop
Myself and friend/colleague Sal Jefferies offer four workshops per year, one per season, which we call Fusion.
Sal is a yoga instructor and mindset coach/psychotherapist, and we ‘fuse’ his skills with my martial arts knowledge (and I’m also a shiatsu therapist) to offer workshops that are a blend of yoga, qigong, tai chi, mindset coaching.

The thread of a theme that we weave through all of our workshops is: ‘mindset and movement’.

This autumn (October 19th in Uckfield) we are putting on a 2-hour workshop called ‘Fusion: Seize the Day’.
The Saturday afternoon (2-4pm) you will learn an exercise routine that you can perform in the morning to set yourself up for the day, blending yoga, qigong, martial arts, and mindfulness.
In the second part of the workshop, Sal will lead those in attendance through a group coaching session where he will provide you with tool, tips, and techniques on how you can set up each and every day to be as good as it possibly can be!
If this sounds of interest, then please email us at and we will send you details of how to book. Alternatively, you can check my website here with more details:

Introduction to Tai Chi Workshop
I realise that I have not catered much for the weekend crowd with my tai chi sessions, so hopefully you’ll forgive me and attend my first weekend tai chi workshop 🙂
I realise I’m branching out as far as November, as it takes place on Saturday 2nd Nov 2-4pm, but there is an early bird discount which runs out on 2nd October for those who would like to book their place in advance.
I will teach you a mini White Crane tai chi sequence that you can perform almost anywhere, at any time!
It also serves as part of a longer form that you can go on to learn. Should the workshop prove popular – and these ones usually are – I’ll make them a regular feature of Saturday afternoons, so that those in attendance can continue learning.

Thank you for reading!

You can contact me on 07834 375776 or – as well as visit my website

I have another website where I teach tai chi, qigong, and offer guided meditations online – many of which are free.

I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you readers in person one day in one of my classes or workshops.


Uckfield Yoga Studio Timetable

October Workshops

Saturday 12th 2pm-5pm Deep Yoga with Oriental Healing Workshop with Sarah Bristow –  £40 

Classical Yoga with heartfelt touch of Zen Shiatsu. Enrich your feminine nature. I draw on my depth and breadth of experience including tai chi and chigong with a creative approach to classical yoga postures . To book email or phone 01273 803699  

Saturday 19th 2pm-4pm Fusion: Seize the Day – Mark + Sal – £30Do you have endless to-do lists but don’t feel you make progress?
Often find yourself with too little time to get everything done?
Would like to feel less stressed and overwhelmed?
Do you find you sometimes have low energy levels in the morning?
Need some fresh inspiration and vitality!? Join us for our autumn workshop and we’ll show you how to seize the day. We are excited to be back with another unique blend of movement and mindset training, this time with the intention of helping you take charge of each and every day. For details or to book, please email
Saturday 26th 3.30pm-5pm Gong Bath with Claire –  £13.50 

A gong bath is a fully clothed, relaxing experience of meditation. Simply lie down on mats provided, wrap up in a blanket and relax for an hour. The sounds bathe every level – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
To book email: or phone 07973932970


Grace Annand

Grace Annand

I have been teaching yoga in Uckfield for 15 years and now my dream has come true – we have a yoga studio. 20 years ago I went to my first yoga class and in 1999 I spent 6 months in India staying in ashrams, going to classes every day and learning as much as possible about yoga. In 2004 I completed teacher training with the Pranava school and then I studied the diploma with BWY. I call my classes ordinary yoga – there is a philosophical theme each week, focus on breathing well, moving our body and connecting to the self . We come together to practice, each person exploring their personal source of wisdom to create a balanced, complete and happy life. Yoga practice is a tool to help us develop our awareness and being together with others on same path can support and inspire us, please join us you will be very welcome.

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