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Trudi Dawson – Pregnancy & Post Natal Yoga

 Post Natal Yoga  – Babies welcome, now online, info from

A wonderful way to regain your strength, connect with others and feel great, one day at a time. These classes are specially designed to allow you to safely practice yoga with your baby by your side, or joining in. Or if you have some child care, come along and enjoy some well-deserved you time, child-free.

Classes are suitable from 6 weeks after a vaginal birth, or 8 weeks after a c-section, until your baby is on the move. As with any exercise after birth, it is always a good idea to get the all clear from your doctor before you start classes. Ask them to check whether you have Diastasis Recti (separated tummy muscles). Postnatal yoga course runs for 7 sessions and costs £50.

Please contact Trudi Dawson for upcoming dates and further information.

The class is informal, friendly and relaxed so if baby needs feeding or rocking or is sleeping that is fine, equally if parents just want to rest that is also fine.

Pregnancy Yoga online Tuesday evenings 7.30 pm details from

Trudi trained with lushtums and all pregnant ladies are welcome from 12 weeks.

We have mats, blankets and blocks for you to use. Please wear stretchy clothes.








What are the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga?

The benefits of pregnancy yoga are really the same as any other yoga practice – bringing together your mind, body and spirit. However, at this amazing time a woman’s body is going through so many changes, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. It’s even more important than ever to connect with our bodies as we continue to grow a whole new person inside us! Trudi uses gentle, flowing movements to help your body to support your growing bump, prepare you for birth and alleviate common pregnancy ailments. Pregnancy yoga has been shown to help you sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety and increase your strength and flexibility in preparation for birth and the postnatal period. We’ll learn some fantastic breathing techniques for labour and include birth positions in our practice. We’ll also use our time together to connect with each other, share our hopes and fears for our birth and gain a moment of peace and emotional centering for ourselves and our growing babies.

To book your place please e-mail or call 07977 489 092. Visit for more information on all of our classes.

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