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Private Pilate's

Find out more information about our private pilate's sessions with Patrick

Private Pilates

Uckfield Yoga Studio has a pilates equipment and matwork “pop up” in the studio.

Pilates equipment is medical quality and helps healthy people to gain more range of movement.

For people with movement issues the equipment can be used to rebilitate back, core, leg, hip, knee, arm and shoulder issues.

The equipment was designed by Josef Pilates in the 1940’s which he himself used in a studio in New York until the
60’s. It was used mainly to rehabilitate NewYorkers and Broadway dancers.

The effectiveness of the equipment has stood the test of time and the original ideas are still made and used today all over the world.

Patrick bought the equipment during the lockdown and is keen to share its benefits with anyone interested in movement + healing.

Pilates has a series of mat exercises which once learned can act as a daily self practice for overall healthy movement and wellbeing. Patrick will share these with you as you develop your interest in Pilates. The idea is that you become “self sufficient” or master of your own wellbeing.

He has helped injured runners to run again and Slimmers World customers to meet their targets!
He helps people with back issues to get a stronger core.

Pilates is all about strengthening and lengthening the body as well finding connections with breathing and the mind. Josef Pilates said that “physical health is the pre-requisite of happiness”

Patrick Morrison trained for 2 years to become a mat and equipment teacher.
He teaches online, in person groups and equipment.

He also loves yoga.

All equipment sessions are built around the clients specific movement objectives or physical goals.

A private 1:1 equipment session is available at £40 per session

These can be shared with a friend or partner as a 1:2 so two people can have a session for £20 each

A 1:3 is also available at £15 each

Additionally a matwork 1:1 is available at £35

Sessions will be available on weekdays between 1-4pm and can be booked by getting in touch with

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