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Looking Into The Benefits Of The Different Styles Of Yoga € Which One Suits Me?

Looking into the benefits of the different styles of yoga – which one suits me?

With so many different types of yoga classes, we understand that it can get a little confusing. Maybe you have always fancied trying yoga but do not know where to start.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and millions of people practice it around the world. Although there are many interpretations, at its core, yoga is about connecting to your self – body, mind and emotions, developing awareness and being present.

It starts with choosing the right type of yoga for you, this may change as your practice evolves This means that you could start with one type of yoga and then discover another style which you prefer or also enjoy, it’s good to keep an open mind and try various approaches.

Need some help? Here are a few different types of yoga, what they are and the benefits of practising them. Through this short guide, we hope you find a class (or two) that fits what you are looking for.

Hatha Yoga


What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is the Sanskrit term for the science of right living. Traditionally it encompasses all physical types of yoga (for example Iyengar, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Bikram etc.) and has become the most well-known and widely practised of the systems.

At this type of class, you can expect a gentle introduction to basic yoga postures and breathing exercises with meditation and relaxation. If you are coming to yoga for the first time, beginner hatha classes are a good place to start.

What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga works on all aspects of the person: the physical, vital, mental, emotional and spiritual developing strength, flexibility and harmony in body, mind and soul. Yoga aims at bringing all the bodily functions into equilibrium so everything works well together.

As well as this, hatha yoga can help strengthen your immune system, regulate the endocrine system, improve respiration, reduce stress and stretch the muscles.

What Hatha classes are available at Uckfield Yoga Studio?

  • Hatha – includes postures, breathing, philosophy and relaxation.
  • Simple – Hatha yoga, friendly for beginners.
  • Ordinary – poses, pranayamas and meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga


What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa means “to place in a special way”, referring to yoga postures, these classes are made up of fluid practices as you flow from pose to pose. The aim is to coordinate your breathing to your movement as you go through the practice.

Vinyasa yoga is considered to be one of the more athletic types of yoga. Classes are often varied and provide a good workout for different areas of the body. Vinyasa yoga is perfect for people who dislike monotony and want to test their physical ability.

What are the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga?

Because the poses are done in quick succession, vinyasa yoga helps build the strength in your muscles. These classes will get you moving and have several benefits including strengthening joints, burning calories and improving your cardiovascular system.

Another important benefit is that vinyasa yoga will help you to feel less stressed. Instead of focusing on your worries, your mind will be focused on your breathing and movement. Breath and mental focus will help improve sleep, reduce stress and feel less overwhelmed.

What Vinyasa classes are available at Uckfield Yoga Studio?

  • Power Hour – a fiery class with strength-building and body movement.
  • Vinyasa Flow – a dynamic and energetic class for an intense body-mind workout.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga

What is Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga?

Though similar to other yoga classes, pregnancy yoga is modified for women who are expecting. With postures and breathing techniques, the class will teach relaxation techniques that you can use during labour, through contractions and delivery.

Postnatal yoga uses movement and relaxation helps your body to recover from pregnancy and birth. These classes are designed to aid new mothers through gentle stretching for weakened muscles, and meditation to help with fatigue and stress. Some postnatal classes include bonding techniques between mother and baby.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga?

Yoga in pregnancy can help with pregnancy back pain and nausea. The breathing techniques will help to reduce anxiety and stress. Being around other expecting mothers will give you a place of support and community where you can gleam pieces of advice.

The benefits of postnatal yoga include restoring the core, helping build strength in the spine and may help you to feel more relaxed while sharing with other new mums.

What pregnancy and postnatal classes are available at Uckfield Yoga Studio?

  • Post Natal – these classes are designed to allow you to practice safely with your baby.
  • Pregnancy – gentle, flowing movements to help your body support your growing baby, prepare for birth and alleviate common pregnancy ailments.

Other Classes That Are Great for Your Health and Wellbeing

Though we are predominantly a yoga studio (it is in the name after all), we do have classes other than yoga. We work with teachers who promote good health and positive wellbeing for our customers. These classes include tai chi, qigong and meditation.

Yoga tends to focus on more physical postures whereas qigong and tai chi are about slower, more gentle movements. They combine breathing with flowing movements for a more dynamic workout session.

Meditation is about training the mind to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Using breathing techniques and concentration activities, it can help cultivate positive ways of thinking and improve mindfulness.

The classes mentioned above are low impact and put minimal stress on the muscles and joints. If you are looking for a slower paced class, and a boost to your wellbeing, one of these options may be the perfect choice for you.

What non-yoga classes are available at Uckfield Yoga Studio?

  • Meditation – breathing techniques, relaxation, discussion and concentration activities.
  • Tai Chi – a relaxing and flowing exercise routine.
  • Qigong – an easy to follow, gentle form of exercise to stretch your muscles and enhance balance.

Choose Your Type of Yoga and Book Today!

At Uckfield Yoga Studio, we hold all these classes and more. We have more than 25 sessions of yoga every week. There is something to suit everyone as we provide a wide variety of classes to match your needs and tastes.

Whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned yogi, we would love to welcome you to our studio in Uckfield. Our teachers are qualified, experienced and willing to share their knowledge with everyone. They will welcome you into our non-judgemental space and support you through your yoga journey.

Find out more about the classes we offer at Uckfield Yoga Studio.

Currently, we are offering classes in the studio (up to 6 participants) and sessions online through Zoom. Check our timetable to find the yoga class you have been searching for.

Grace Annand

Grace Annand

I have been teaching yoga in Uckfield for 15 years and now my dream has come true – we have a yoga studio. 20 years ago I went to my first yoga class and in 1999 I spent 6 months in India staying in ashrams, going to classes every day and learning as much as possible about yoga. In 2004 I completed teacher training with the Pranava school and then I studied the diploma with BWY. I call my classes ordinary yoga – there is a philosophical theme each week, focus on breathing well, moving our body and connecting to the self . We come together to practice, each person exploring their personal source of wisdom to create a balanced, complete and happy life. Yoga practice is a tool to help us develop our awareness and being together with others on same path can support and inspire us, please join us you will be very welcome.

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