Carol teaches yin/yang class Wednesday 6-7 pm


This class warms the body initially with a 30 minute Vinyasa sequence during the “Yang” portion then surrender into the deep work and sweetness of the “Yin,” a quiet practice that allows internal and external exploration through long, deep  stretching holds.







sarah doing boat
Sarah Hunt vinyasa flow Sunday 10.30 am Sarah I am just starting my yoga teaching journey and my training is in vinyasa flow where you move from asana to asana linking each movement to an inhale or exhale . The flow of movement means it can be a more physically demanding style so my classes are not suitable for pregnancy or those recovering from illness or injury. As I am training at weekends the class is not running every week, please check timetable, cost £4 all fees donated to charity.









Maria O'Connor, Ashtanga Style Flow yoga
Maria O’Connor teaching Ashtanga style flow Monday evenings 7.30 – 8.45 pm

Maria’s Yoga class style is dynamic and strong, with a gentle focus on obtaining that wonderful stillness. This class is suitable for beginners, or experienced Yogis looking for the next step or inversion training.It generally contains a sequence of postures flowing into each other, and postures held for around 5 breaths. It develops muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility and maintains core strength.

Ashtanga style flow Monday evenings 7.30 – 8.45 pm





Jo baby yoga teacher
Jo teaches baby yoga wrigglers  (6 weeks to crawling)

Baby Yoga helps you to give the baby the touch and movement they need to develop their brains and bodies in a healthy way. This helps them to feel safe, and free to explore their world. The songs, movements, and massage help the limbic, nervous, and digestive systems which heal pain and calm the babies. It’s a beautiful nourishing space for helping Mums to normalise the body after birth, and strengthen the inner core.

£50 for a six week block including tea and biscuits and a small gift for baby at the end of the block or £10 drop in, text Jo for spaces on the day- 07770382462 please contact  Jo if interested.

Email: jo@funshineyoga.co.uk





Louise teaches fun, flowing class Wednesdays 9.30 – 10.30 am

My yoga journey began in my teens (over 40 years ago) and I am fortunate to have been taught many different systems of yoga. I qualified to teach in 2004 and I will never stop learning as yoga is constantly evolving which I find fascinating. My class includes some of the most beneficial aspects of my favourite styles paying attention to maintaining a healthy spine and overall rejuvenation. It incorporates a flowing series of postures following the breath, moving with awareness and mental focus. I like to draw attention to subtle, anatomical details to avoid injury and sometimes include face yoga. Backgound healing music aids the de-stressing process so you emerge relaxed and revitalised.


Yin Yan yoga classes
Sarah teaches Bliss class Friday 11 am- yin yoga and relax

Sarah Lloyd-Morrison

Sarah teaches Bliss class Friday 11 am- yin yoga and relax.              Treat yourself to a wind-down to the weekend with this class which will be mainly floor-based.

Let go of tension with a blissful combination of yin yoga, where we hold the poses to release into the fascia, followed by some restorative postures.

Then we’ll dive into a deeply relaxing iRest yoga nidra guided meditation designed to restore your mind, body and senses to their natural state of true being.