I am very keen to make yoga available and accessible to all, for some people getting down to the floor and up again is difficult so I also teach yoga classes where everyone is sitting in a  chair . It is still possible to bend, twist, extend and open the body from the security of a steady seat and helps the practice be adapted to the needs of the clients.

On Monday mornings I work at Headway Hurstwood Park in Newick doing a yoga class where all clients remain seated in a  chair; the clients have a variety of restrictions but all do what they can and find some benefit in stretching and breathing as well as relaxation and meditation.

I also do a chair yoga class at The Priory in Cross in Hand on Tuesday afternoon where I have my oldest client Dorothy who is 99 and has just started yoga proving that you are never too old to learn! This class is not open to the public and is offered to the residents of the care home only.