Class descriptions

We have a class for everyone from the start of your life to the end, come and yoga with us.

Beginners – want to try for the first time

Bliss   – Treat yourself to a wind-down to the weekend with this class which will be mainly floor-based.  Let go of tension with a blissful combination of yin yoga, where we hold the poses to release into the fascia, followed by some restorative postures.Then, we’ll dive into a deeply relaxing iRest yoga nidra guided meditation designed to restore your mind, body and senses to their natural state of true being.

Dynamic flow– This class focuses on movement led by breath. Glide from one pose to the next in this carefully considered flow sequence that brings amazing stretches, strengthens the muscles and nourishes the body.

Zenn – Slow things down with gentle yoga whilst focusing on quietening the mind and relaxing the body. Ease yourself into restorative postures whilst working on core strength. Come away feeling calm and centred.

Vinyasa flow – a derivative of Ashtanga Yoga, this  class is a dynamic and energetic style of yoga.  Flowing postures are linked to the breath for an intense body-mind workout

Gentle      – ease your way into postures, breathing and relaxation

Hatha (ordinary yoga)      – asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), philosophy and relaxation

Flow         – moving with the breath

Ashtanga– dynamic, strong and flowing

with Amy – Exploring Pranayama breath techniques, meditation and a sequence of asanas from the Ashtanga primary series to detoxify the body and mind

Therapeutic – adaptions for people with injuries or illness

Parent with baby – yoga for both

Children – learning good habits early through stories, postures and relaxing.

Meditation an eclectic mix of mindfulness, visual journeys, focus on objects, breath, working with crystals and self-healing.