December newsletter

by Grace Annand | 6th December 2017 | General News, Uncategorised
We have been open for 3 months hurrah. Big thank you to all the lovely yogis who contribute their time and energy to support our local yoga studio and the usual tradition of free classes with Grace the week before Christmas begins 15 December so please come along...

November newsletter

by Grace Annand | 8th November 2017 | Uncategorised
Hello yogis, this month we have a big increase in the business rates for the studio so we are looking for more people who would like to do more yoga more often. We are adding extra classes, plus workshops so please come along to enhance your well being and support your...

October 2017 newsletter

by Grace Annand | 12th October 2017 | General News
We have been open for one month hurrah – so far so good and we are growing and changing every day. New for October I am adding Monday morning class 9.30 am gentle Tuesday morning 11am chair yoga Wednesday 6pm Carol yin/yang Thursday 7.30pm Evan ashtanga Saturday 10.45...