DATE                                                       TEACHER                                       INFO

JANUARY 27 TH    2 – 4 PM                         Maddy        £20      07964736891

PSYCHIC PROTECTION – What is it and do I need it ?? practical tips to increase your psychic protection and great ideas to take home and use in your home and life.

FEBRUARY 3 RD        2 -4 PM                      PENELOPE       £25     

A Chanting Workshop – The chanting will be for everyone who is interested in sound – open to all abilities.
We will chant together simple sounds moving on to the first few sutras in the Four Chapters of the Sutras, Mantras and one or two Veda-s which are used for healing in the Yoga tradition.
If you have never tried chanting or used sound with Yoga, you do not need to be able to sing or be musical to enjoy chanting,  this is an opportunity to experience the joy of sound and the effects that sound has on your body and well being.
FEBRUARY 14       2 – 4 PM    Children’s workshop               GEMMA           £15     
 We will delve deeper in to our heart chakra and partner/group yoga. There will also be crafting and snacks.

FEBRUARY 24     6 – 8 PM                         ANGELA        £25              

Gong bath – the Gongsounds and crystal bowls fill us with the message of wholeness and resonance as our bodies draw in the sounds they need to return to harmony. You lie down fully clothed and allow sounds to wash over you.

MARCH 17      2 – 4 PM                                SARAH HUNT      £20

Are you new to yoga and interested in learning about the basics of Vinyasa Flow yoga?
Are already practicing but have never tried Vinyasa Flow and want to give it a go?
Or are you a practicing Vinyasa Flow yogi who enjoys reviewing the basics every now and again?
Whatever your motivation this is workshop is for you.
We’ll start by exploring the sun saluations, ujjayi breathing and key foundation postures. We’ll break the poses down and talk about alignment and how to modify them to suit your body.
We’ll then put all of this together in a Vinyasa Flow sequence.
Places are limited so contact me to secure your place and pay your deposit.   079 7289 1700

MARCH 24 1.30 – 5 PM                             LUCIE LANDAU        £25  

The aim of yoga – This workshop will be on the philosophy of yoga – in particular, we will review the various practices that we may come across in yoga and where do these practices come from and where do they lead us. We will discuss the Ultimate aim of yoga according to the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.
The workshop will include a short asana session, with more focus on pranayama and led meditation.