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NOVEMBER 18 2 – 6PM                         RICH+JUDE    £40               email

New moon nidra. You are invited to slow the pace; feel the body’s wisdom, listen deeply and
rest the mind. In time with time awaken to conscious sleep in the cradle of presence.
‘New Moon Nidra’, an afternoon of Heartfelt (druwidic/nature/church temple…)practice; Yoga, Sound, movement and Yoga Nidra (Sleep of the Yogis), hosted and facilitated by Richard Harding (Richard Harding SatBodhiYoga) and Jude Murray (Ceibhfhion)at Uckfield Yoga Studio.
An experiential workshop suitable for all bodies and abilities. No previousexperience necessary.
You will leave nourished, rested, and rejuvenated.

NOVEMBER 25 2-4 PM                         ANGELA        £20              

Gong bath – the Gongsounds and crystal bowls fill us with the message of wholeness and resonance as our bodies draw in the sounds they need to return to harmony. You lie down fully clothed and allow sounds to wash over you.

DECEMBER 2  1 – 3 PM                      STEPH    £15    Satori – the radical forgiveness game

A game for family and friends ,suitable for age 14 +, fun way to de-stress. Satori is a really fun way to let go of emotional baggage — easily and quickly, there’s no other game like it!   It promotes laughter, enlightenment, insight and growth — both spiritual and personal.Quite amazingly, ‘ Satori’ gives us the exact insights we need to move beyond difficulties in our lives.The game mirrors for us our own wisdom to recognise what we have created to promote healing. It leads us to where we can reframe the past and see the perfection in situations and how they helped us grow. 

DECEMBER 16    2 -6 PM                    RICH + JUDE    £50 email

Midwinter stillness – Richard and Jude invite you to a Seasonal Celebration for Christmas and the Winter Solstice.
An offering of Yoga, mantra, meditation and gentle ritual to honour and bless the emerging energy of the season, hosted and facilitated by Richard Harding (SatBodhi Yoga) and Jude Murray (Ceibhfhion) at Uckfield Yoga Studio.

The time of the Solstice is the time of the dark. The waiting in wonder and expectation for the coming of the New Born Son and the New Born Sun. It is a time of stillness, of inner exploration. Of tending to that which needs to be still within us. The frenetic rush of the holidays can feel dissonant to this need for stillness. Midwinter stillness provides space for us to honour this and prepare us well to be fully present to ourselves and to our loved ones over the holiday season.

Grounded in the science and art of Yoga we invite a deepening journey into the cave of the being. There to listen to the internal rhythms, the wave of the breath and beat of the heart. Nurtured in warm embrace at this point of greatest darkness in the solar calendar, be held in safety to sleep in the cradle of presence; presence born of the welcoming of consciousness into silence.
An experiential workshop suitable for all bodies and abilities. No previous experience necessary.
You will leave nourished, rested, and rejuvenated with tools and experience to take into your own practice.