February Newsletter

Hello yogis, welcome to February

At the studio this month lots of classes and workshops , please come along. There is ordinary yoga with Grace every day, plus ashtanga with Amy Wednesdays 11 am, and new Thursdays 7.30 pm, plus Bliss with Sarah LM on Fridays 11am, and meditation with Alarna Fridays 1.30 pm. We have beginners classes on Tuesday 11am with Julie, and Wednesdays 6pm with Carol, please support these new sessions and tell others about them so they can thrive and survive.

I am feeling much better now after a serious lupus attack last week when I became very anaemic and thrombocytopenic and had to be admitted to hospital for multiple blood and platelet transfusions – big thank you to all the kindness of blood donors and Eastbourne hospital who were fantastic. Luckily all the classes continued in my absence thanks to the wonderful teachers covering me, Sarah, Louise, Carol, Jenn and Julie who you may have met and who would love to see you at their classes too.

Can I please remind everyone to remove their shoes at the door to ensure the studio stays clean and to stamp your cards with the date each time you come, also I have finally managed to open a business bank account so if you pay by BACS the details have changed (info on timetable page of website) I do still have the other account and can transfer but would appreciate you updating when you can. I am so grateful to each one of you for being a part of the growing yoga community in Uckfield and I hope to see you very soon, namaste.

Grace Annand